Gigaget; For Very Fast Download

Free and safe
• 100% free
• No adware or spyware
• No registration allowed
• Data transfer encrypted

Easy to use and manage
• Simple and advance mode, fit for both rookies and advanced users.
• Powerful Task Manager, easy to organize downloaded files

More than fast
• Ultra-fast download speed experience
• Auto data integrity validation and correction
• Import/export download list, easy to share with friends

Multi file formats and browsers Support
• Compatiable with major browsers-Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Firefox, Maxthon
• Major streaming protocol support, including MMS/RTSP/Flash
• Intelligent Web Analysis, helping you find the URL (out of a web page) to download

Advanced Intelligent Functions
• Intelligent Disk Cache system which protects your hard disk from high-speed download.
• Intelligent Prompt System, providing useful information and suggestions for each specific
• Unique Error Diagnosis function, helping users find the reasons and solutions on failed

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