Gogrok; Realtime Collaboration Windows Live Messenger and Skype

Gogrok; Realtime Collaboration Windows Live Messenger and Skype
Gogrok; Realtime Collaboration Windows Luve Messenger and Skype. Gogrok is a free, real-time collaboration platform for Windows Live Messenger and Skype users. Gogrok enables non-technical users to get connected remotely with their friends and colleagues on Windows Live Messenger or Skype. Gogrok?s purpose is to make online collaboration easy and quick. With Gogrok, desktop sharing, screen sharing, application sharing, real-time co-editing, and voice and text chat can all be done within only few clicks.

Gogrok interface is reminiscent of Skype's, but requires its own login. It features a connection status indicator, docking buttons, Skype contacts importing--which is fast but must be done at every login--and three headshots indicating your status and the status of contacts you're connected to. Double-click on a contact to initiate the connection, and Gogrok will activate voice calling with Skype. Remote program control begins once you select which of your active programs, or your entire PC, should be guest-controlled.

Gogrok Features:

  • Real time interactivity. All the roles commonly encountered in meetings can be assigned and switched as needed; editing rights and management rights can be transferred, and each participant’s status is shown on the control panel. Choice of single application sharing that allows only shared application window visible to other participants.
  • High stability. Will not fail after long periods of use.
  • Bidirectional encryption to ensure privacy.
  • User friendly graphical interface, illustrative icons, easy operation.
  • No subscription .Free use to download.
  • Integrates with free internet VOIP and instant messaging.
  • Supports text input and editing in multiple languages.
  • Participants can join and leave at any time, with no need for prearranged appoitment.
  • Dynamic interface supports handwritten annotation.
  • Intelligent detection of the network environment and automatic adjustments eliminates the need for complex settings and provides high quality stable connections.
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