Download Viper. Free Antiplagiarism Scanner

Download Viper.  Free Antiplagiarism Scanner
Download Viper. Free Antiplagiarism Scanner. The idea behind VIper is that you download the small application, less than 1MB, and register for an account with the service. Once you’ve done that, you simply select the file or files you want to check for plagiarism and send Viper on its way. Viper, after some processing, will come back with the results.

Though the process is simple, and familiar to anyone who has used a plagiarism checker in the past, it does have a few interesting features. One of the biggest being its ability to match against a local database, the Web or both. This means that, if you have a pool of content you want to test against, you can do that with or without also checking the broader Web.

Also, the results page also uses a very effective layout, showing the uploaded work side-by-side to the suspected matches. This is very convenient for analyzing the match and makes developing an opinion about whether an element is plagiarized or not very simple.

Beyond those two features, both of which can actually be found in other applications or services, the rest of the application is fairly straightforward. While that is not a bad thing in and of itself, the problem is that it doesn’t seem to do the job it set out to.

Is Viper safe?

Yes it is --, one of the most trusted software providers on the Internet, offers Viper downloads from its website. They carry out stringent testing and manual reviews on all software before listing it on their website. Viper may be free to use but rest assured you're downloading a quality piece of software.


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