Download PCMAV 2.2 B

In the latest update time PCMAV PCMAV 2.2b presents Valkyrie which coincided with the publication of PCMEDIA magazine December 2009 edition - January 2010. Viruses that successfully identified and eradicated approximately 3096 viruses and their variants are many reported widespread in ground water. And it is advisable for you to 2.2a PCMAV users to update immediately either online or manually, so you wear PCMAV can grind more viruses.

As for the new 2.2b PCMAV Valkyrie (December 2009 - January 2010) are:

* UPDATED! Added database identifier and cleaning viruses 20 local / foreign / new variants spread in Indonesia reported. Total 3096 virus and its variants.
* Improved! Change some names to follow new variant viruses found.

To get PCMAV Terbaru 2.2b this manually, you can download for free via the following link: