ANSAV v2.0.49 Released!!!

New Feature (what's new?)

1. Multi lingual

ANSAV has an interface allows a variety of languages,
so as to eliminate the difficulties for users who have
limitations on the language.

Information stored in each language file located in
sub-directory "\ language", if you want to create their own language
You can edit the file. Lng it, use notepad or text editor
to edit the file. lng

2. Cool user interface

Now more simple user interface is distributed in several tabs,
Making it easier for users in mengoparasikannya.

3. Secure plugin management

As with the previous ANSAV features, ANSAV version 2 is still
maintain this unique feature (plugin). But there are some new,
ANSAV currently only able to automatically load the plugin that has
certified, or a plugin that does not yet have a certification
not be loaded automatically, although the plugin is not yet
certified can be entered by force into the "trust list".
This feature is added for safety.

If you are a developer who made the plugin,
you need to do first when you're done making plugin
is, a plugin to send me to get a digital signature
or certification.

4. Unlimited plugin

In previous versions ANSAV maximum amount that can be loaded plugin
by ANSAV limited, the current plugin can be loaded by ANSAV without limit,
but it also depends on how much memory your computer.

5. Online update

Although one previous todo list of "having
dedicated servers "has not done so far,
but now you can enjoy online update service
for free through the Internet.

Remarkably again, updates are partial, so that every time
ANSAV do not need to update the data mendwonload update
as a whole, for example, you have to update
definition version 2 then you will perform the update to version 3,
it will not download ANSAV definition update from version 1 to 3
(Overall), ANSAV will only download the 1st part only
definition update version 3. This way if one day
update data already in the tens or even hundreds of megabytes
amount, you no longer need to worry about running out of bandwidth quota
- specifically for the volume of Internet users based: D - so
will save bandwidth, the bandwidth
di Indonesia masih mahal gitu loh :D.

6. Guard ANSAV more stable and responsive

If the previous ANSAV guard is centered, now guard
modular, what is central and what is modular?
Called centered if scanning in each process (instance)
done by one engine, so that every object that was scanned
should be queued for scanning turn, this led
Another process stops when there are still object that has not been scanned
or still waiting in line for a turn scan. Unlike the
modular, each process (instance) can do the scanning
independently without the need to wait for the scanning of other processes
completed on-scan, for example, you run Firefox and IE,
at the same time you download a file from the Internet using the
The second browser, then the engine can perform scanning ANSAV
Firefox and IE at the same time, too. This makes
Guard ANSAV more stable and responsive in blocking the virus.

7. New Engine

ANSAV version 2 are not upgrading from previous versions,
because it is not a recode of the previous version, but really
rewrite from scratch. That is why the release of version 2 of this ANSAV eat
a fairly long time. If the previous version ANSAV fully coded
in assembly, it was written in assembly only his engine aja,
for the user interface is now using C + +.

With this new engine, ANSAV have a better detection capability
accurate than with previous versions, there are changes
especially in its heuristic architecture.

8. Error handlers better

In the event of crash (error) in ANSAV, automatically ANSAV
will handle and dumping memory, where information
dump him will greatly assist developers in detecting the location of
fault. Features "Restart ANSAV" will be very useful when
ANSAV suddenly crash.

III. License

ANSAV is a freeware program by non-profit, and should mean free
used by anyone (personal) than for the benefit of
profit or commercial nature, such as the use ANSAV in place
businesses, cafes, rental, and other businesses, also including
but not limited to the use of paid services, for example
use ANSAV on maintenance service and repair computers.

The use of ANSAV for profit purposes, must obtain written permission from either directly or indirectly.

ANSAV not provide any support and "use at your own risk"
but only on users who already have a license and limited
only for the use of which is profit, not applicable to
personal users.

Information about ANSAV license can be obtained by blow
e-mail to support (at)


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