ZebSpeech is a FREE software which supports many advance features. For example, all you need is this software in order to talk to a computer and make it talk to you!

In addition you can create pdf file from a text/doc file, without needing to download any extra software! You can create advance .doc, .txt, .rtf documents, along with tables and images.

In version 3 of ZebSpeech speech recognition and text-to-speech are heavely improved. For example, now it is possible to dictate in any language! You use use a method which will result in over 90% accuraccy! You can control your whole computer by the means of speech recognition (not only ZebSpeech), you can dictate directly in to Webpages/Microsoft Office or control an application with it! You can have different consequnces for each spoken text!

There is plenty in store for text-to-speech reocgnition fans as well! For example for the first time you can control each aspect of text-to-speech! Other programs don't allow you the flexibility of changing a tone (e.g. from a whiser to sing-a-song) and many others (see the features). You can -- for the sake of professionalism -- convert the text-to-speech into wma/mp3/cda etc. But unlike other programs, you can edit the audio files, for example you can amplify certain part/stretch/record/filter and perform many other tasks!

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