RunScanner is a completely free windows system utility which scans your system for all configured running programs. You can use runscanner to detect autostart programs, spyware, adware, homepage hijackers, unverified drivers and other problems.

You can import and export your results and let other people help you to solve your problems.


* Scanning of 74 startup/hijack locations.
* Fixing of invalid entries.
* Saving and importing of .run files (all information available)
* Marking of items - A user with problems can save the .run file, an expert can mark the items that need fixing and send the .run file back to the user.

* Process killer: Kill multiple processes at once, Kill and rename, Kill and delete, Delete at next reboot
* Host file editor.
* Verification of file signatures.
* MD5 hash calculation of files.
* Online lookup of scanned entries.
* Google lookup.
* Regedit jump.
* Explorer jump.
* Whitelist filter.
* Online rating of found entries bases on MD5 hash.
* Save to text log file.
* Online analysis of results.

Warning: Runscanner requires advanced knowledge about Windows. If you delete an item, without knowing what it is, it can lead to major Windows problems. If you are not sure what to delete, post your Run file to a helper forum.

What's New in version

* Full unicode support!
* New layout to fit more items on the screen
* Removed classic mode and merged it with the expert mode.
* New and faster scan engine
* Runscanner now scans all loaded modules by default
* Runscanner text logfiles are redesigned to better fit in forums
* Filepaths are no longer converted into lowercase
* Run files now include all loaded modules
* Old run files are no longer compatible with the new version.
* Bug fixed: some incorrect "file not found" fixed for filenames
* Bug fixed: no description shows for some items
* Bug fixed: drwtsn32 -p %ld -e %ld -g could not be parsed
* Fixed error with some unknown datatypes (systemcheck2 error)
* Fixed error some items could not be deleted when a certain filter was set
* Added new publishers to the whitelist.
* Online whitelisting improved
* History database no longer uses MSaccess (no more mdac errors)