GAV Antivirus

An antivirus application that removes malware from your computer
Gucup Antivirus removes malware on your computer.

If you want to scan very quick and fast your computer without installing a lot of applications and updates you can choose Gucup Antivirus.

Gucup Antivirus is a tiny but very versatile antivirus having 475 antivirus and malware signatures.

Here are some key features of "GAV":

· Memory system scanning
· Scanning All files
· Scanning Compressed files (.zip and .rar) [Optional, if you activate]
· Multi Selection Drive Scanning
· Good Accurate and Method Scanning
· Fast Scanning (Depending on your computer spesification)
· Recover Folder and Files
· Show All Hidden Folder [Optional, if you activate]
· Portable
· Friendly

Sudo internet privacy for safe socializing.

Inferface & Use
· Estimate Scanning with ProgressBar
· Percentage of Scanning Progress
· GAV Engine 2.0
· Log Off, Restart, Shutdown, and Lock Computer Menu
· Log File
· Recover Registry [optional, if you activate]
· Show Hidden Folder(s) Selection
· Show Hidden File(s) Selection
· Set Registered Organization and Owner Registry Value
· Run Application Facility
· Process List
· Split and Get Document from Malware [ for : Backdoor.Win32.Delf.axz,
· Trojan.Win32.Delf.aav,, Worm.Win32.VB.du, Worm.Win32.VB.du [2], [3], Lod5 ]
· Split and Get Application from Malware [ for : DeulleDo-X [2], Virus.Win32.Delf.bk, Viking]
· Set ShowHidden and SuperHidden Registry Value
· Services List
· Split and Get Image from Malware [ for : MontoxBro [1], Video Hot ]
· Check File(s) if file(s) contain image or document [Optional, if you activate]
· Check and Clean Zero file(s) size [Optional, if you activate]
· Registry Value Scanning
· Startup Folder Scanning
· Improve Technology and Quality always
· Manual Check Registry Autorun [ like : HKLM Run, HKLM Runonce, HKCU Run, HKCU Runonce, HKU Run ]
· Now compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista

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