WinFax Merger 2.0

WinFax Merger is a FREE, WinFax multiple-page-fax-files merger utility. It will enable you to merge your separate multiple-page WinFax fxd, fxr, fxs, fax files into single multiple-page fxm fax files in batches automatically. WinFax Merger is usefull for WinFax users - When you convert your winfax to tiff (or pdf) files by format conversion tools, you may find that your multiple-page fax are in separate multiple tiff (or pdf) files, not all pages in one tiff (or pdf) file. If you don't want your converted multiple-page files in separate multiple files, first merge your WinFax fax files with WinFax Merger, then convert your merged fax files with your format conversion tools. Both GUI and command line mode are supported.