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Chase IP. Broadband speed check Test software

It's a common task, testing internet / DSL / Ethernet or Broadband speed. There are many websites that offer broadband broadband speed testing online, some very flash. The only thing that truly interests us is that the speed reported is accurate. If you need to take a specific broadband test of a connection between your computer and a PC in another country then the only way to achieve this is using a broadband speed test application. Online speed testing is never as accurate due to many unknown variables like the actual country of the remote connection.

Broadband Speed test | Do's speedtest Checking tool Dospeedtest is one stop solution for your Internet Broadband Speedtest Service. Use our speed testing tool to find out your current internet speed.

This ADSL / DSL / Dial up speed test can check any high speed internet service, this program measures LAN speed and has Country from IP Address, LAN MAC address identifier, remote pc name and workgroups to test your broadband speed. Chase IP is an accurate ADSL / Network speedtest and is a good way to check internet access.

.NET 2 Framework Required

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We all know that broadband suppliers advertise their speeds as "up to"
a certain level. But how fast is your actual connection? Now you can
find out with our broadband speed test,

use the
checker below to find out. To get accurate results make sure that you
are not using your internet connection for anything else while the test
runs (it only takes a few seconds)