CodeThatTree Objective

One of the most convenient methods represent the hierarchical data is using various tree objects. Tree ideally shows the structure and connections of the separate related elements. Tree can be used to build on-line encyclopedias, site navigation system, or site content structure. JavaScript is ideal solution to build advanced interactive dynamic trees. We're happy to present one of the most advanced JavaScript tree controls available on the market today - CodethatTree. CodeThatTree is an advanced javascript tree menu control with the support of many tree types and styles. Tree fully supports CSS customization, XML and database integration, explorer-like tree.

Script comes with the skins gallery and complete documentation. CodeThatTree javascript is free for non commercial use. These are some important details about the CodeThatTree javascript control:

standard version is FREE for educational or non-commercial use.

is an advanced cross-browser state-of-art JavaScript tree menu control

can be easily integrated in any web page

requires no JavaScript knowledge from the prospective user

is provided with the wide range of the features

comes in two editions STANDARD and PRO. Read Standard vs PRO to know the differences between CodeThatMenu Standard and PRO.

has own API - set of functions and methods to adjust the structure of the tree dynamically.

comes with the samples and complete documentation.

supports variety of browsers and Operation Systems.

can be developed using CodeThat Studio RAD tool.

CodeThatTree Features Set

The following positions and features are supported by the javascript tree script:

CodeThatTree is advanced javascript tree menu verified to be compatible with the following browsers:

IE 5+/6+

NN 4+/6+/7+

Mozilla 0.9

Opera 5+/6+/7+

Unlimited tree depth

Unlimited number of trees on single page all independently configurable.

Visual appearance is defined and can be changed using the CSS. One class for entire tree or separate classes for items and nodes.

Any icons set can be used.

Possibility to store state of the tree in cookies

Configuration file can be either JavaScript or XML format file. Same format as for CpdeThatMenu.

Tree can be used either inline or with frames.

Supports frames and windows targeting (other frame, new window, parent frame). The target can be defined globally for the tree instance and can be overridden locally for each item.

Relative positioning.

Items' captions can contain any html (tables, pictures etc.)

Status bar messages and tool tips can be independently defined for each tree item.

Windows Explorer like CSS and set of other CSS files prepared.

Low weight and high performance.

Dynamic API (from version 3).

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